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PropertyAccessSleepsBedroomsWeekly SummerWeekend Winter
Waterfront ChateauLake Front207$7,248$2,475
Waterfront DreamsLake Front208$10,373$3,585
Waterfront LinksLake Front145$5,666$2,090
Weather or NotSplit Lake Front84$2,705$1,092
WestwindLake Access105$2,191$1,218
Whispering WoodsLake Access104$1,639$695
Wilderness LodgeLake Front124$3,812$1,256
Wilderness WalkLake Access187$3,200$1,874
Will O' The Wisp Type ALake Front31  
Will O' The Wisp Type BLake Front41  
Will O' The Wisp Type BBLake Front41  
Will O' The Wisp Type CLake Front41  
Will O' The Wisp Type DLake Front62  
Will O' The Wisp Type ELake Front83  
Will O' The Wisp Type FLake Front83  
Will O' The Wisp Type FBLLake Front41  
Will O' The Wisp Type GLake Front62  
Will O' The Wisp Type HLake Front41  
Will'O The Wisp - Blossom HillLake Front42  
Will'O The Wisp - Green Glade CreekLake Front21  
Will'O The Wisp - Middle Fork CreekLake Front21  
Will'O The Wisp - Snowy CreekLake Front21  
Willow PointLake Front62$2,041$638
Windysun WestLake Area123$1,921$923
Wine and RosesLake Front258$7,043$2,473
Winslow LodgeLake Front145$4,900$1,184
WISPerSki In/Ski Out124$1,811$1,857
Wispering RidgeLake Access62$1,044$504
Wonder Lake RetreatLake Area145$1,880$820
Worth Waiting ForLake Access145$3,024$1,030
A Step AwaySki In/Ski Out124$1,698$1,851
A Stone's ThrowLake Front104$3,084$923
AAH ChaletLake Front125$3,845$963
Abbot's BlissLake Front126$3,812$1,274
About TimeLake Front105$3,459$1,232
Absolute DelightLake Front258$6,424$2,394
Ace's ChaletSki In/Ski Out165$2,704$3,091
AdlerskronLake Access134$1,855$928
Adventure BoundLake Front145$3,856$1,239
All SeasonsLake Front105$2,825$838
Almost AspenLake Front207$6,171$2,312
Almost HeavenState Park Access145$2,035$851
Alpine DreamingLake Front187$6,701$2,381
Alpine on NineLake Area145$2,549$1,746
Always in SeasonLake Front146$4,736$1,611
Amazing LoveLake Front145$3,436$774
AmbianceLake Front145$4,203$1,324
AmbrosiaLake Front166$5,688$1,633
American DreamLake Access145$2,964$1,222
American Eagle LodgeLake Front268$8,147$3,212
Apple Orchard WayLake Front104$2,715$1,026
ArcadiaLake Front145$4,706$1,790
Arctic RetreatLake Access83$1,177$485
ArovistaLake Front145$3,483$902
As Good As It GetsLake Area145$2,081$1,614
At Lake's EdgeLake Front187$6,488$2,046
At LastLake Front145$6,202$1,819
Awesome ViewLake Front248$8,866$3,606
Baldwins DomainLake Front83$2,513 
Barley Moon RetreatLake Area145$2,915$1,639
Bear CoveLake Front103$3,321$773
Bear Creek LodgeLake Front145$4,411$1,227
Bear Foot CoveLake Access145$3,808$1,036
Bear Mountain LodgeLake Access104$1,918$685
Bearfoot LodgeLake Access125$2,045$929
Bearly BelievableLake Front145$5,121$1,803
Beautiful DayLake Access145$1,883$1,143
Bella CavaLake Area83$1,232$583
Bella VistaLake Front125$3,403$1,008
BelvedereLake Access104$2,018$970
Best Kept SecretLake Access166$2,569$1,392
Beyond BlissLake Front208$11,000$4,467
Big SkyState Park Access145$2,292$2,558
Blakeslee RetreatLake Access83$2,160$741
Blue SpruceLake Front104$3,197$774
Blue WatersLake Access83$1,701$617
Blueberry HillLake Front268$6,030$2,394
Boulder HeightsSki In/Ski Out268$5,501$4,750
Boulder LodgeState Park Access187$5,469$4,165
Boulder VistaLake Access187$3,282$2,836
Break Away ChaletState Park Access103$1,808$730
Breeze AlleyLake Access145$2,569$1,335
Brighton ShoresLake Front166$6,325$1,943
Bunbury CottageLake Access83$1,422$516
By the LakeLake Front165$3,775$1,535
Cabin FeverLake Front105$3,488$994
Cameron StationLake Access125$2,058$1,026
Carefree DaysLake Front145$3,326$912
Carmel DelightLake Access145$1,849$877
CasablancaLake Front114$2,719$755
CastlerockState Park Access145$2,329$2,176
Cedar ChateauLake Access268$6,334$3,427
Cedar LodgeLake Access124$2,616$841
Cedar Shores Villa #16Lake Access125$1,643$846
Cedar Shores Villa #19Lake Access125$1,787$774
Cedar VistaLake Access227$6,100$3,251
Changes in AttitudeLake Front145$4,422$1,211
Chateau of DreamsLake Access125$2,127$939
Chateau RoyaleLake Access125$3,092$1,505
Chelsea's CottageLake Front93$2,924$683
Cherry Creek ChaletSplit Lake Front104$2,546$967
Clifford's CrestLake Access114$1,883$819
Cloud Dancer LodgeLake Area104$1,571$1,798
Cochran's CabinLake Front103$2,688 
Colorado Dreamin'Lake Access145$3,250$1,587
Creature ComfortsLake Front166$5,301$1,490
Creekside #1Lake Front114$2,660$967
Creekside CoveLake Front104$2,602$720
CrosswindsLake Access145$2,262$805
Crowd PleaserLake Access114$1,775$882
Crystal LakeLake Front145$3,081$902
Dante's PeakLake Access145$2,999$1,778
Deep Creek CorralLake Access63$1,026$496
Deep Creek RetreatLake Access104$1,849$807
Deep Creek Village #06Lake Access83$1,046$554
Deep Creek Village #07Lake Access82$1,125$614
Deep Creek Village #08Lake Access82$1,159$640
Deep Creek Village #10Lake Access83$1,225$741
Deep Creek Village #12Lake Access82$1,193$708
Deep Creek Village #15Lake Access83$1,195$725
Deep Creek Village #34Lake Front102$1,213$715
Deep Creek Village #36Lake Front102$1,213$715
Deep Creek Village #37Lake Front82$1,213$715
Deep Creek Village #40Lake Front82$1,213$715
Deep SighLake Front164$3,385$1,030
Deep SummerLake Front124  
Diamond on the LakeLake Front145$6,498$1,998
District CreekLake Access124$2,261$902
Dock HolidayLake Front145$3,706$1,082
Double DiamondsLake Area166$2,569$2,721
Dream CatcherLake Front104$2,734$785
Dream Come TrueLake Access165$2,199$866
Dream OnState Park Access105$2,137$820
Dreamer's OverlookLake Access124$2,096$1,206
Dreams So SweetState Park Access104$1,479$1,015
Drift AwayLake Front207$7,318$2,385
Duck Cove at WispLake Front166$3,393$1,437
Easy Livin'Lake Front83$2,055$538
EdgewaterLake Front145$2,744$901
Emerald BayLake Front125$4,195$994
EnchantmentLake Front228$6,365$2,573
Endless EscapeLake Front145$4,010$1,257
Escape HatchState Park Access103$1,381$753
Evening StarLake Front124$2,806$902
Exceeding ExpectationsLake Access206$5,561$2,520
Fairway By The SlopesLake Area145$2,096$1,057
Falcon's RestLake Front186$4,835$1,577
Falling RockLake Front145$5,291$1,345
Five DiamondsLake Access154$2,055$851
Forget-Me-NotLake Access113$2,097$754
Four HoopPole South E3Lake Front103$1,232$516
Four HoopPole South F1Lake Front103$1,499$516
Four Seasons ParadiseState Park Access145$1,849$1,026
Four WindsLake Area165$4,939$1,597
Glistening WatersLake Front124$3,746$902
Good LifeLake Front187$5,251$1,748
Grand ViewLake Front187$6,546$2,134
Gravelly Run LodgeLake Area84$1,471$627
Great EscapeState Park Access145$1,689$1,081
Great ExpectationsLake Access145$2,425$980
Happy LandingState Park Access62$1,417$661
HarmonyLake Front124$3,825$820
Hawk MountainLake Access105$2,292$1,113
Heaven on SevenState Park Access125$2,312$2,000
Heavenly HavenLake Area166$2,566$1,269
Hemlock ChaletLake Access123$1,731$579
Highland ManorLake Access208$6,731$3,539
Hilltop Happy HourLake Access124$1,540$691
HollywoodLake Front187$6,044$1,998
Home Away From HomeLake Front145$4,863$1,577
Home on the RidgeLake Access83$1,247$542
How Sweet It IsLake Access103$1,880$753
Howard's EndLake Front166$5,665$1,605
Imagine That!Lake Front94$2,055$671
Inspiration ViewSplit Lake Front124$1,878$827
Island ViewLake Front83$1,887$484
It's 5 O'Clock SomewhereLake Access145$2,348$1,012
It's A Wonderful LifeLake Front145$6,139$1,917
It's All GoodLake Area145$2,189$1,098
Journey's EndLake Front268$7,931$2,878
Just Breathe InnLake Front104$2,672$769
Just Like HeavenLake Front145$4,359$1,441
Just PerfectLake Access124$2,075$882
Kathleen's CrossingLake Front145$6,774$1,693
Key to ParadiseLake Access83$1,391$666
La Dolce VitaLake Access146$2,394$1,237
Lake 'N LogsLake Front145$4,710$1,098
Lake DreamingLake Front248$7,657$2,647
Lake EffectLake Front103$3,044$671
Lake EscapeLake Front125$5,043 
Lake LifeLake Front73$1,777 
Lake Lift LodgeLake Front145$4,753$1,690
Lake Shore DreamsLake Front145$5,090$1,700
Lake Shore LodgeLake Front105$5,123$1,732
Lake SummitLake Access83$1,486$559
Lake WalkLake Access103$1,542$527
Lake's EndLake Front228$5,885$2,317
Lakefront GreensLake Front166$4,649$1,579
Lakeshore BreezeLake Front103$2,416$619
Lakeside FunLake Front104$3,050$825
Lakeside LodgeSplit Lake Front124$2,705$1,092
Lakeside SunsetsLake Front62$2,040$751
Lakeview CottageLake Access83$1,729$542
Lakewood #13Lake Front82$1,733$667
Landmark Village #1Lake Front124$1,954$632
Landmark Village #5Lake Access83$1,880$929
Lasting MemoriesLake Access103$2,117$848
LegendsLake Access104$2,450$972
Life is GoodLake Front145$4,756$1,498
LinLaurAlLake Front125$3,446$1,031
LinwoodLake Access103$1,894$635
Little Bear's DenState Park Access83$1,602$717
Livin' LodgeState Park Access83$1,720$774
Log HeavenLake Area104$1,708$671
Log On InnLake Front83$2,201$784
LogxuriousLake Front125$4,175$1,302
Lost BearadiseLake Area83$1,299$666
Magnificent View PointLake Front103$4,218$1,156
Main Street ConnectionState Park Access104$1,849$1,376
Majestic LodgeLake Front257$7,248$2,809
Making MemoriesLake Front124$4,873$1,357
Mallard CoveSplit Lake Front103$2,298$822
Mallard LandingLake Front248$7,994$3,793
Marsh Hill ChaletLake Front104$2,279$809
Meadow Lake ViewLake Access114$1,437$697
Memory MakerLake Front258$13,881$4,645
Minutes to MemoriesLake Front104$2,887$829
Misty Meadows MagicLake Access145$2,189$902
Misty MorningLake Access103$1,468$568
Misty RidgeLake Access104$1,901$796
Morning BreezeLake Front104$3,285$877
Mountain Escape aka Mulligan's ChoiceState Park Access145$1,689$1,083
Mountain HighLake Access124$1,952$1,009
Mountain JoyLake Access135$1,851$820
Mountain MemoriesState Park Access186$2,600$1,276
Mountain PerchSplit Lake Front124$2,195$869
Mountain RefugeLake Front145$4,821$1,586
Mountain RendezvousState Park Access165$2,493$2,198
Mountain SplendorLake Access104$1,911$774
Mountain Top ManorLake Area165$2,744$2,015
Mountain View #03Lake Front83$1,476$522
Mountain View #05Lake Front83$1,454$532
Mountain View #07Lake Front103$1,399$522
Mountain View #10Lake Front63$1,499$597
MountaineerLake Access83$1,537$614
Mystic CoveLake Front166$4,852$1,804
Old Chestnut LodgeLake Front83  
Our Heart's DesireState Park Access113$1,381$775
Our HouseLake Front82$3,114$886
Overlook Mountain Villa 1BState Park Access103$1,494$703
Overlook Mountain Villa 4CState Park Access104$1,645$762
Overlook Mountain Villa 6BState Park Access103$1,546$740
PanaceaLake Front136$2,923$1,144
Papa BearLake Access145$2,315$943
Paradise LodgeLake Front155$3,141$861
Paradise PointSplit Lake Front103$2,497$758
Peaceful CoveLake Front125$2,878$980
Peaceful Easy Feelin'Lake Front103$3,246$848
Peak of PerfectionState Park Access145$2,913$2,072
Pebble BeachLake Front104$2,123$614
Peregrine's PerchLake Access248$8,596$3,999
Pine OasisLake Front145$4,333$1,150
Pinnacle OverlookLake Access135$2,137$945
Pinnacle PerchLake Access104$1,907$789
Pinnacle ViewLake Access124$1,674$697
Providence at Penn CoveLake Access114$2,219$959
Quality TimeLake Access145$2,250$859
Quiet SplendorLake Front167$5,932$2,193
R & R EscapeLake Access124$2,353$884
RaptureLake Access135$3,033$1,484
Red Moose LodgeLake Access104$1,966$847
Reel EscapeLake Access145$2,387$1,035
RemedyLake Front104$2,335$725
Restful RetreatState Park Access124$1,494$594
Ritz on the LakeLake Front268$10,144$3,847
RivendellLake Front145$4,303$1,399
Rocky Knoll IISplit Lake Front104$1,887$645
Rocky Mountain LodgeLake Access125$2,506$1,158
Rother's CoveLake Front165$4,965$1,568
Rustic RetreatState Park Access125$1,849$748
Scandinavian RetreatLake Front124$3,038$774
Scenic OverlookState Park Access166$2,364$1,309
Scenic SerenityLake Front248$5,885$2,360
SerendipityLake Front228$6,030$2,394
Serenity NowLake Front227$8,626$3,332
Simply IrresistibleLake Access114$1,443$806
Ski Boots 'N Bathing SuitsLake Access125$2,026$1,177
Ski Harbor #02Lake Front103$1,320$642
Ski Harbor #03Lake Front83$1,272$573
Ski Harbor #13Lake Front104$1,704$654
Ski Harbor #21Lake Front83$1,310$632
Ski Harbor #26Lake Front83$1,310$662
Ski Harbor #32Lake Front84$1,628$661
Ski Harbor #37Lake Front83$1,310$632
Ski Harbor #40Lake Access62$951$448
Slopeside HavenLake Area124$1,773 
Snuggl'InnLake Access145$3,307$1,597
Southern ComfortLake Front166$5,690$1,654
Splash MountainLake Access176$4,492$2,565
St. Bart's RetreatLake Front187$5,373$2,108
Starry NightLake Front124$4,068$1,029
Steps to the SlopesSki In/Ski Out124$1,722$1,852
Stil The OneLake Access125$2,994$1,128
Stilwater SerenityLake Front145$5,547$2,027
Stilwater's EdgeLake Front187$6,255$2,361
Stone CrestLake Front166$4,721$1,677
StonegateSplit Lake Front166$2,785$1,010
Summer Days Winter NightsLake Access115$1,700$614
Summer MemoriesLake Front63$1,777 
Summer SongLake Front145$3,813 
SummersideLake Front145$3,902$1,000
Summit RidgeLake Access145$3,742$2,203
Sun N SkiLake Front83$2,364$862
SundanceLake Front227$6,356$2,347
Sunkissed CoveLake Front227$6,647$2,567
Sunlit SerenityLake Access104$1,727$740
Sunny DaysLake Front104$3,861$928
Sunny EscapeLake Front113$2,784$769
Sunplace #10Lake Access73$1,108$511
SunriseLake Front94$2,652 
Sunrise RidgeLake Access103$1,082$516
SUNsationalLake Access124$2,499$934
Sunset ChaletLake Access145$2,147$1,103
Sunset DreamLake Front124$4,082$902
Sunset PointeLake Front156$5,351$1,608
Sunset ViewLake Front124$4,113$961
Swallow Falls Inn Cabin 1Lake Area41$676$254
Swallow Falls Inn Cabin 2Lake Area41$676$254
Swallow Falls Inn Cabin 3Lake Area62$825$287
Swallow Falls Inn Cabin 4Lake Area73$1,077$372
Sweet EscapeLake Front104$4,265$1,800
Sweet RetreatLake Area93$1,726$799
Sweetwater RidgeLake Access145$2,632$1,335
Sylvan SweetLake Front145$4,113$923
Tamaqua LodgeLake Front156$4,369$1,443
Taylor MadeLake Front146$3,742$1,908
Tees -n- SkisState Park Access124$1,566$609
Telstar.gonLake Front156$6,103$1,692
The Fun SpotLake Access125$2,058$1,027
The HerringtonLake Area3410$11,754$6,826
The Lodge at McHenry Cove MarinaLake Access145$2,261$1,288
The Snuggly BearLake Access83$1,571$789
The WhitetailLake Area42$1,009$511
TimberlodgeLake Front289$9,959$4,220
Tolson CabinLake Front42$1,983$774
Top of the HillState Park Access145$2,089$2,085
Trail's EndLake Front83$2,735$619
Tranquil DreamsLake Area104$1,910$754
TranquilityLake Access124$1,956$986
Treasured MemoriesLake Front207$6,198$2,558
Triple-T LodgeState Park Access124$1,835$774
Under the MoonLake Front289$10,875$4,466
Under the StarsLake Access269$10,875$4,343
UnreelLake Front135$4,800$1,242
Vacationer's DreamLake Front124$4,366$1,201
Vacationers' BlissLake Access145$4,613$1,852
Villages of Wisp #01 Winding WayLake Access102$1,084$982
Vista on the LakeLake Front72$1,957$635