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Lasting Memories Deep Creek Lake Rental Homes and Cabins
Morning Breeze Deep Creek Lake Rental Homes and Cabins
Peregrine's Perch Deep Creek Lake Rental Homes and Cabins
Ace's Chalet Deep Creek Lake Rental Homes and Cabins

Looking for specific property? Click on any of the property names below to begin your search! You can also call (866) 544-3223 to speak to any of our wonderful reservation specialists for assistance in finding the perfect Deep Creek Lake rental for your trip. We hope to see you soon!

A Step AwaySki In/Ski Out4312No2+ NIGHTS1,4442,245
A Stone's ThrowLake Front4312NoSAT. - SAT.3,4061,051
AAH ChaletLake Front5312NoSAT. - SAT.4,2231,117
Abbot's BlissLake Front6412YesSAT. - SAT.3,9881,448
Absolute DelightLake Front86.525NoSAT. - SAT.7,3712,815
Ace's ChaletSki In/Ski Out56.516NoSUN. - SUN.2,6603,626
Adventure BoundLake Front5314YesSAT. - SAT.4,1531,417
All SeasonsLake Front5310NoSAT. - SAT.2,806840
Almost AspenLake Front76.520NoSAT. - SAT.6,8442,659
Almost HeavenState Park Access54.514No3+ NIGHTS2,149997
Alpine DreamingLake Front76.518YesSAT. - SAT.7,4322,792
Alpine on NineGolf Area5314No3+ NIGHTS2,3751,969
Altitude AdjustmentLake Access55.514YesSUN. - SUN.3,1371,677
Always in SeasonLake Front6514YesSAT. - SAT.5,2021,888
Amazing LoveLake Front5314YesSAT. - SAT.3,703816
AmbianceLake Front55.514NoSAT. - SAT.4,1141,522
American DreamLake Access55.514YesSUN. - SUN.2,7731,418
American Eagle LodgeLake Front87.526NoSAT. - SAT.9,3394,038
Angel's LandingLake Access4411YesSUN. - SUN.1,961986
ArcadiaLake Front, Ski Area5414NoSAT. - SAT.5,1182,018
Arctic RetreatLake Access328No3+ NIGHTS1,182565
ArovistaLake Front5414YesSAT. - SAT.3,5721,016
At Lake's EdgeLake Front, Golf Area87.520NoSAT. - SAT.7,7672,815
At LastLake Front54.514NoSAT. - SAT.6,8782,093
Awesome ViewLake Front86.524YesSAT. - SAT.9,6494,081
Baldwins DomainLake Front33.58NoSAT. - SAT.2,375N/A
Bear CoveLake Front33.510NoSAT. - SAT.3,542N/A
Bear Creek LodgeLake Front5414YesSAT. - SAT.4,7051,355
Bear Foot CoveSplit Lake Front55.514NoSUN. - SUN.3,2671,202
Beautiful DayLake Access, Ski Area5314NoSUN. - SUN.1,8921,312
Bella VistaLake Front5312NoSAT. - SAT.3,5231,074
Best Kept SecretLake Access6416NoSUN. - SUN.2,6561,599
Best of Both WorldsLake Front, Ski Area54.514NoSAT. - SAT.3,7351,714
Between the TimbersSki In/Ski Out, Lake Area4310Yes3+ NIGHTS1,4961,723
Beyond BlissLake Front, Golf Area89.520NoSAT. - SAT.12,5485,240
Big SkySki In/Ski Out, State Park Access54.514NoSUN. - SUN.2,3482,885
Blue SpruceLake Front4310NoFRI. - FRI.3,478880
Boats and SlopesLake Front53.514NoSAT. - SAT.4,3571,858
Boulder HeightsSki In/Ski Out, Lake Access85.526YesSUN. - SUN.6,5835,464
Boulder LodgeSki In/Ski Out, State Park Access76.518NoSUN. - SUN.5,7114,699
Boulder VistaSki In/Ski Out, Lake Access76.518NoSUN. - SUN.3,4333,293
Breeze AlleyLake Access, Golf Area55.514NoSUN. - SUN.2,6591,475
Brighton ShoresLake Front66.516NoSAT. - SAT.6,9482,278
Bunbury CottageLake Access328Yes3+ NIGHTS1,428569
Cameron StationLake Access, State Park Access5412No3+ NIGHTS2,1291,191
Cap's CornerLake Front5514NoSAT. - SAT.3,8241,445
Carmel DelightLake Access53.514No3+ NIGHTS1,977999
Cedar ChateauLake Access87.526NoSUN. - SUN.6,7593,981
Cedar LodgeLake Access4312YesSUN. - SUN.2,734974
Cedar Shores Villa #16Lake Access5412NoSUN. - SUN.1,544971
Cedar VistaLake Access75.522YesSUN. - SUN.6,1333,910
Chalet By The LakeLake Access, Ski Area338NoSUN. - SUN.1,475923
Changes in AltitudeSki In/Ski Out, Lake Area4412No3+ NIGHTS1,8272,044
Chateau RoyaleLake Access, Golf Area53.512No3+ NIGHTS3,1701,731
Cochran's CabinLake Front32.510NoSAT. - SAT.2,701802
Creature ComfortsLake Front6416YesSAT. - SAT.5,7121,745
Creekside LodgeLake Area4410NoSUN. - SUN.1,703735
CrosswindsLake Access, State Park Access5414No3+ NIGHTS2,565980
Crowd PleaserLake Access44.511NoSUN. - SUN.1,783993
Deep Creek CorralLake Access326No3+ NIGHTS1,133546
Deep Creek Village #06Lake Access, Ski Area328No3+ NIGHTS1,051647
Deep Creek Village #07Lake Access, Ski Area228Yes3+ NIGHTS1,016998
Deep Creek Village #12Lake Access, Ski Area238No3+ NIGHTS1,016719
Deep Creek Village #15Lake Access, Ski Area33.58No3+ NIGHTS1,236849
Deep Creek Village #16Lake Access, Ski Area3310No3+ NIGHTS1,200772
Deep Creek Village #34Lake Front, Ski Area23.510No3+ NIGHTS1,158836
Deep Creek Village #36Lake Front, Ski Area23.510No3+ NIGHTS1,158836
Deep Creek Village #37Lake Front, Ski Area23.58Yes3+ NIGHTS1,158836
Deep Creek Village #40Lake Front, Ski Area23.58No3+ NIGHTS1,158836
Deep SighLake Front44.516NoSAT. - SAT.3,6471,207
Deer PassLake Access64.514NoSUN. - SUN.3,1001,437
Diamond on the LakeLake Front55.514NoSAT. - SAT.7,138N/A
District CreekLake Access43.512No3+ NIGHTS2,3861,046
Double DiamondsSki In/Ski Out65.516NoSUN. - SUN.2,5003,191
Dream CatcherLake Front4310NoSAT. - SAT.2,888910
Dream Come TrueLake Access5316NoSUN. - SUN.2,2721,092
Dream OnLake Area54.510No3+ NIGHTS2,148952
Dreamer's OverlookLake Access4312YesSUN. - SUN.2,2571,414
Drift AwayLake Front75.520NoSAT. - SAT.8,0382,690
EdgewaterLake Front5414NoSAT. - SAT.2,7891,014
Emerald BayLake Front5312NoSAT. - SAT.4,4351,030
Enchanted LakefrontLake Front87.522NoSAT. - SAT.7,8413,230
Escape From RealityLake Access, Golf Area55.514NoSUN. - SUN.2,9231,617
Evening StarLake Front4412NoSAT. - SAT.2,9631,058
Exceeding ExpectationsLake Access,State Park Access67.520NoSUN. - SUN.6,1183,082
Fairway By The SlopesGolf Area5414NoSUN. - SUN.2,0651,190
Falcon's RestLake Front, Golf Area66.518NoSAT. - SAT.5,3101,831
Falling RockLake Front5514NoSAT. - SAT.5,8121,576
Glistening WatersLake Front43.512NoSAT. - SAT.3,8411,058
Good LifeLake Front, Golf Area75.518YesSAT. - SAT.5,9032,247
Gravelly Run LodgeState Park Access428No3+ NIGHTS1,478733
Great ExpectationsLake Access5514No3+ NIGHTS2,4371,324
Greene AcresLake Area53.512No3+ NIGHTS1,889957
Happy LandingSki Area,State Park Access226Yes3+ NIGHTS1,423750
HarmonyLake Front4312NoSAT. - SAT.4,145960
Heavenly HavenLake Area64.516No3+ NIGHTS2,7631,472
Hemlock ChaletLake Access3212YesSUN. - SUN.1,635678
Highland ManorLake Access, State Park Access87.520NoSUN. - SUN.6,9034,031
Hilltop Happy HourLake Access44.510No3+ NIGHTS1,810907
Home Away From HomeLake Front, Golf Area54.514NoSAT. - SAT.5,3931,832
Home on the RidgeLake Access32.58NoSUN. - SUN.1,354646
Howard's EndLake Front65.516NoSAT. - SAT.6,1031,862
Imagine That!Lake Front43.59NoSAT. - SAT.2,065785
Inspiration ViewSplit Lake Front43.512NoSUN. - SUN.1,924962
It's 5 O'Clock SomewhereLake Access5514NoSUN. - SUN.2,2561,274
It's A Wonderful LifeLake Front55.514NoSAT. - SAT.6,7432,182
It's All GoodLake Area5514NoSUN. - SUN.2,1991,261
Journey's EndLake Front88.526NoSAT. - SAT.7,9763,376
Just Breathe InnLake Front42.58YesSAT. - SAT.2,740875
Just PerfectLake Access4312NoSUN. - SUN.1,9821,032
Kathleen's CrossingLake Front5514NoSAT. - SAT.7,4411,964
Key to ParadiseLake Access338Yes3+ NIGHTS1,439778
La Dolce VitaLake Access6414NoSUN. - SUN.2,5291,435
Lake 'N LogsLake Front53.514NoSAT. - SAT.5,8011,605
Lake ChaletLake Access4412No3+ NIGHTS1,551830
Lake DreamingLake Front86.524NoSAT. - SAT.8,4093,073
Lake EffectLake Front3210YesSAT. - SAT.3,536907
Lake EscapeLake Front54.512NoSAT. - SAT.5,956N/A
Lake It EasyLake Access33.510No3+ NIGHTS1,108581
Lake Lift LodgeLake Front, Ski Area54.514NoSAT. - SAT.5,1181,961
Lake Shore LodgeLake Front55.510NoSAT. - SAT.5,6281,952
Lake WalkLake Access3210YesSUN. - SUN.1,627616
Lake's EndLake Front85.522YesSAT. - SAT.6,2782,717
Lakefront GreensLake Front, Golf Area65.516NoSAT. - SAT.4,8621,833
Lakeshore BreezeLake Front3210NoSAT. - SAT.2,020704
Lakewood #13Lake Front238NoSUN. - SUN.1,884802
Lakewood #16Lake Front338NoSUN. - SUN.1,830861
Lasting MemoriesLake Access, Ski Area4412NoSUN. - SUN.2,2531,102
LegendsLake Access43.510YesSUN. - SUN.2,4861,139
Life is GoodLake Front56.514NoSAT. - SAT.N/AN/A
LinLaurAlLake Front5312YesSAT. - SAT.3,7121,139
LinwoodLake Access328Yes3+ NIGHTS1,806684
Little Bear's DenState Park Access32.58Yes3+ NIGHTS1,609815
Log HeavenLake Area43.510No3+ NIGHTS1,750762
Lost BearadiseLake Area338No3+ NIGHTS1,306771
Magnificent View PointLake Front44.512NoSAT. - SAT.4,756N/A
Main Street ConnectionSki In/Ski Out, State Park Access4310NoSUN. - SUN.1,8061,611
Majestic LodgeLake Front76.525YesSAT. - SAT.7,8843,263
Making MemoriesLake Front45.512YesSAT. - SAT.5,5591,662
Mallard LandingLake Front89.524NoSAT. - SAT.8,4404,278
Marsh Hill ChaletLake Front4310NoSAT. - SAT.2,359904
Meadow Lake ViewLake Access43.511Yes3+ NIGHTS1,444815
Memory MakerLake Front88.525NoSAT. - SAT.14,4025,396
Montana EastLake Access53.510NoSUN. - SUN.2,8931,475
Morning BreezeLake Front4310YesSAT. - SAT.3,608997
Mountain EscapeSki Area,State Park Access55.514No3+ NIGHTS1,6961,254
Mountain HighLake Access43.512No3+ NIGHTS2,2781,187
Mountain JoyLake Access5313Yes3+ NIGHTS1,940993
Mountain PerchSplit Lake Front4412NoSUN. - SUN.2,4131,018
Mountain RefugeLake Front55.514NoSAT. - SAT.5,0461,824
Mountain SplendorLake Access, Golf Area43.510No3+ NIGHTS1,920907
Mountain Top ManorLake Area, Ski Area54.516No3+ NIGHTS2,9192,362
Mountain View #10Lake Front336NoSUN. - SUN.1,506657
MountaineerLake Access33.58No3+ NIGHTS1,413698
Mystic CoveLake Front, Ski Area65.516YesSAT. - SAT.5,3272,094
Napa ValleyLake Front56.510NoSAT. - SAT.5,1171,475
Our Heart's DesireSki Area, State Park Access33.511No3+ NIGHTS1,387852
Overlook Mountain Villa 4BLake Area33.510NoSUN. - SUN.1,547740
Overlook Mountain Villa 4CState Park Access44.510NoSUN. - SUN.1,653972
Overlook Mountain Villa 6CLake Area44.512NoSUN. - SUN.2,277957
Owl CabinLake Area228No3+ NIGHTS1,299750
PanaceaLake Front6413NoSAT. - SAT.3,1161,327
Papa BearLake Access54.514NoSUN. - SUN.2,2721,093
Paradise LodgeLake Front5315YesSAT. - SAT.3,416973
Paradise PointLake Front53.514NoSAT. - SAT.4,5701,268
Peaceful CoveLake Front5310NoSAT. - SAT.2,789983
Peaceful Easy Feelin'Lake Front33.510NoSAT. - SAT.3,566N/A
Peak of PerfectionSki Area,State Park Access55.514YesSUN. - SUN.3,1672,383
Pebble BeachLake Front42.510NoSAT. - SAT.2,309719
Peregrine's PerchLake Access88.524NoSUN. - SUN.8,8174,645
Piece Of HeavenLake Access427No3+ NIGHTS1,133N/A
Pine OasisLake Front54.514NoSAT. - SAT.4,6681,335
Pinnacle PerchLake Access4310No3+ NIGHTS1,879907
Pinnacle ViewLake Access4312YesSUN. - SUN.1,733768
Providence at Penn CoveLake Access4411NoSUN. - SUN.1,8371,027
Quiet SplendorLake Front75.516NoSAT. - SAT.6,4552,430
RaptureLake Access, Ski Area54.513NoSUN. - SUN.3,0491,723
Red Moose LodgeLake Access43.510No3+ NIGHTS2,056963
Reflections on the LakeLake Front5314NoSAT. - SAT.5,2741,423
RemedyLake Front4310NoSAT. - SAT.2,762776
Ritz on the LakeLake Front87.526NoSAT. - SAT.10,5084,342
RivendellLake Front, Ski Area55.514NoSAT. - SAT.4,7721,640
Rock Lodge RetreatLake Area5214NoSUN. - SUN.1,573782
Rocky Knoll IISplit Lake Front4312No3+ NIGHTS1,896755
Rocky Mountain LodgeLake Access54.512YesSUN. - SUN.2,6971,356
Rother's CoveLake Front5616NoSAT. - SAT.5,147N/A
Sandy Beach RetreatLake Front5514NoSAT. - SAT.5,4841,340
Scandinavian RetreatLake Front4312YesSAT. - SAT.3,100880
Scenic SerenityLake Front85.524NoSAT. - SAT.6,2792,769
SerendipityLake Front86.522YesSAT. - SAT.6,4352,809
Serenity NowLake Front77.522YesSAT. - SAT.9,2803,870
Serenity RidgeLake Access44.512Yes3+ NIGHTS1,806845
Simply IrresistibleSki Area43.511No3+ NIGHTS1,359944
Ski Boots 'N Bathing SuitsLake Access, Ski Area5312NoSUN. - SUN.2,0761,366
Ski Harbor #13Lake Front42.510NoSUN. - SUN.1,824853
Ski Harbor #21Lake Front32.58NoSUN. - SUN.1,353730
Ski Harbor #32Lake Front42.58NoSUN. - SUN.1,532773
Ski Harbor #37Lake Front32.58NoSUN. - SUN.1,353730
Ski Harbor #40Lake Access226No3+ NIGHTS926492
Slopes, Boats, & BirdiesGolf Area, Lake Area5314No3+ NIGHTS2,5821,475
Slopeside HavenSki In/Ski Out4412No3+ NIGHTS1,834N/A
Snuggl'InnLake Area55.514YesSUN. - SUN.3,5271,872
Southern ComfortLake Front6416YesSAT. - SAT.5,8921,900
Starry NightLake Front43.512YesSAT. - SAT.4,3821,231
Stars & StripesLake Access4412YesSUN. - SUN.2,096906
Steps to the SlopesSki In/Ski Out4412No3+ NIGHTS1,7312,150
Stilwater SerenityLake Front5514NoSAT. - SAT.6,0352,331
Stilwater's EdgeLake Front76.518NoSAT. - SAT.6,8072,879
StonegateSplit Lake Front63.516YesSUN. - SUN.3,0571,172
Summer Days Winter NightsLake Access5312NoSUN. - SUN.1,777677
Summer MemoriesLake Front326NoSAT. - SAT.1,594N/A
Summer SongLake Front5314NoSAT. - SAT.4,148N/A
SummersideLake Front5414NoSAT. - SAT.3,5141,224
Summit ManorLake Area, Golf Area55.514No3+ NIGHTS2,9291,444
Summit RidgeLake Access, Ski Area54.514YesSUN. - SUN.4,0712,584
Sun N SkiLake Front, Ski Area33.58NoSAT. - SAT.2,531981
SundanceLake Front76.522NoSAT. - SAT.7,1262,725
Sunkissed CoveLake Front7722NoSAT. - SAT.7,5943,011
Sunlit SerenityLake Access4310YesSUN. - SUN.1,770865
Sunny DaysLake Front43.510NoSAT. - SAT.4,078932
Sunny EscapeLake Front3211YesSAT. - SAT.2,999900
Sunplace #10Lake Access32.58NoSUN. - SUN.968580
SUNsationalLake Access4312Yes3+ NIGHTS2,6131,084
Sunset DreamLake Front42.512NoSAT. - SAT.4,3091,058
Sunset PointeLake Front65.515NoSAT. - SAT.5,3791,885
Sunset ViewLake Front44.512NoSAT. - SAT.4,015N/A
Swallow Falls Inn Cabin 1Lake Area114No2+ NIGHTS605233
Swallow Falls Inn Cabin 2Lake Area114No2+ NIGHTS605233
Swallow Falls Inn Cabin 3Lake Area216No2+ NIGHTS756266
Swallow Falls Inn Cabin 4Lake Area31.58No2+ NIGHTS1,009352
Sweet RetreatLake Area3311No3+ NIGHTS1,630936
Sweetwater RidgeLake Access54.514YesSUN. - SUN.2,6451,564
Sylvan SweetLake Front54.514NoSAT. - SAT.4,7911,149
Tall CastleLake Access44.512No3+ NIGHTS2,065988
Tamaqua LodgeLake Front6515NoSAT. - SAT.5,3301,674
Taylor MadeLake Front, Ski Area64.514NoSAT. - SAT.4,0302,035
Tees -n- SkisState Park Access43.512No3+ NIGHTS1,573712
Telstar.gonLake Front6515NoSAT. - SAT.6,8342,302
The Fun SpotLake Access5514NoSUN. - SUN.2,3391,444
The HerringtonLake Area1010.534No3+ NIGHTS13,0137,550
The Lodge at McHenry Cove MarinaLake Access5414No3+ NIGHTS2,1681,509
TimberlodgeLake Front9728NoSAT. - SAT.10,8354,730
Tolson CabinLake Front214YesSAT. - SAT.1,875824
Tranquil DreamsLake Access4310No3+ NIGHTS1,919883
Treasured MemoriesLake Front75.520NoSAT. - SAT.6,7402,970
Tree HausLake Area226No3+ NIGHTS1,230699
Triple-T LodgeState Park Access4312No3+ NIGHTS1,843907
Under the MoonLake Front97.528NoSAT. - SAT.11,9545,170
Under the StarsLake Access98.526NoSUN. - SUN.12,1825,095
UnreelLake Front53.513YesSAT. - SAT.5,3761,456
Vacationer's DreamLake Front44.512NoSAT. - SAT.4,7481,408
Vacationers' BlissLake Access, Golf Area55.514NoSUN. - SUN.4,4852,150
Villages of Wisp #01 Winding WaySki In/Ski Out, Lake Access2310No3+ NIGHTS9981,149
Walk About ChaletLake Access6416NoSUN. - SUN.2,5291,506
Waterfront ChateauLake Front76.520YesSAT. - SAT.7,9622,846
Waterfront DreamsLake Front, Golf Area88.520NoSAT. - SAT.10,9604,083
Waterfront LinksLake Front, Golf Area55.514YesSAT. - SAT.6,2232,451
Waterfront RetreatLake Front, Golf Area65.516NoSAT. - SAT.7,3492,893
WestwindLake Access, Ski Area53.510No3+ NIGHTS4,4061,400
Wilderness LodgeLake Front43.512NoSAT. - SAT.3,8331,472
Wilderness WalkLake Access7518NoSUN. - SUN.3,3461,992
Willow PointLake Front226YesSAT. - SAT.2,113678
Windysun WestLake Area3312No3+ NIGHTS1,6511,081
Wine and RosesLake Front, Golf Area87.525NoSAT. - SAT.7,8122,956
Winslow LodgeLake Front54.514YesSAT. - SAT.5,4351,388
Wisp WatchLake Access, Ski Area54.513No3+ NIGHTS2,0651,320
WISPerSki In/Ski Out4312Yes3+ NIGHTS1,9652,232
Wispering RidgeLake Area22.56No3+ NIGHTS996482
WISPering TimbersSki In/Ski Out, Lake Area5412No3+ NIGHTS1,5991,754
Wispy RebellionLake Access5514NoSUN. - SUN.3,4241,828
Wonder Lake RetreatLake Area54.514No3+ NIGHTS1,889960

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