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Garrett County Vacation Rental Occupancy & Ordinance Policy

Railey Mountain Lake Vacation (RMLV) wants all our guests to have a fun and memorable DCL experience. We want to remind you of county ordinances concerning your vacation home. All vacation homes must abide by the following occupancy & ordinance policy:

Occupancy: Each vacation home has a capacity limit and is licensed to accommodate a maximum amount of people as stated in the individual home description and on your rental agreement. Children are counted in total occupancy unless they are under the age of three. Occupancy represents the total number of people allowed to occupy the property inside or outside, DAY or NIGHT.  Any party exceeding the stated occupancy number will be immediately evicted without a refund.  Under certain conditions, gatherings exceeding occupancy might be approved through a county exception process. Applications for this exception must be made in advance through RMLV.

Family Groups Welcome:  All of our vacation homes are privately owned; therefore, occupants are limited to family groups only. No sororities, fraternities or non-chaperoned groups are allowed. You must be 24 years of age or older to obtain a rental agreement on a property.  Renters of Timberlodge and Peregrine’s Perch must be 30 years or older to rent.  Should a group misrepresent themselves, they will be evicted immediately without a refund.

Noise Ordinance is in effect from 11 pm to 8 am – Disturbing the peace is a violation of both state and local ordinances. Be aware of noise levels while using an outdoor hot tub.

Parking Vehicles Appropriately – The ordinance limits the number of vehicles that can park at the property. The number of cars permitted is listed on your signed contract and our marketing materials. Refrain from parking on roads.

Trash – Guests must dispose of trash in the bear proof bins or trash containers at end of driveway or the designated association dumpster.

Hot Tub – Guests should abide by hot tub signage. People enjoy Deep Creek Lake for its serenity; excessive noise will not be tolerated. Voices do carry from decks and hot tubs.
Any violation reported to the Licensing and Enforcement Division may result in citing the appropriate party and/or eviction from vacation home without refund of rent.


Railey Mtn. Lake Vacations represents the finest and best maintained homes at Deep Creek Lake. All homes are individually owned and reflect the personal tastes of each owner. Every effort has been made to ensure that our descriptions, rates and amenities are accurate. However, we cannot be held responsible for changes made by owners to furnishings, rates, and equipment or printing errors. Our homes are well maintained and very clean, but understand that these are unique and intricate homes, which, just like your own, experience a wide variety of unexpected breakdowns.

Smoking is not allowed inside any Railey Mountain Lake Vacation rental home.

The essence of your vacation is to enjoy yourself, so we will make every effort to remedy “displeasing” situations and correct any problems you may experience in a timely manner. We have a full-time maintenance department ready to serve you, so please report any inoperative equipment or problems to our Property Management Department promptly. Please understand that certain emergencies do take precedence. For after-hours emergencies, you can call our local office phone number of 301-387-2124 and follow the directions for paging our on-call staff. This is for emergency maintenance situations only! For medical emergencies, dial 911. For non-emergency situations, please call during office hours or leave a detailed message. You can expect a courteous and professional staff to help remedy these situations; however, refunds will not be issued due to malfunctioning equipment or other guest dissatisfaction.

Boating Regulations

There are several regulations regarding boating and personal watercraft usage on Deep Creek Lake. For example, a vessel may not exceed 26 feet in length, except pontoon boats, which may not exceed 30 feet. Please call the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce, or the Maryland Department of Natural Resources for a list of specific regulations.

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