Railey Mountain Lake Vacations (RMLV) Terms & Conditions

Payment & Cancellation

Thank you for making your Deep Creek Lake vacation rental plans with Railey Mountain Lake Vacations! RMLV is dedicated to ensuring that your stay with us is as carefree as possible. In this spirit, we would like you to take a moment to review the following information. We hope you have a great vacation and we look forward to seeing you at the lake!


Payment Information concerning your rental

We do not accept money orders (including international money orders), cashier’s checks, PayPal, money transfers, treasurer’s checks, certified checks, official bank checks or traveler’s checks.

  • ARRIVAL DATES WITHIN 30 DAYS: Full payment is due at the time of booking by cash (U.S. currency only) or credit card. If the contract and full payment are not received by the due date, the property may be released for general sale. A $45.00 bank charge will be applied for all returned checks.
  • ARRIVAL DATES BEYOND 30 DAYS: Payment will be accepted in the following forms: cash (U.S. currency only. Please do not send in the mail.), personal or business checks, and/or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express). If the contract and payment amount as indicated on your payment schedule aren’t received by the due date, the property may be released for general sale. A $45.00 bank charge will be applied for all returned checks.

The leaseholder will need to present photo identification upon check-in. A copy of this identification will be made for security purposes. Please remember that the leaseholder must be at least 24 years of age. [Peregrine’s Perch & Timberlodge require that the leaseholder must be at least 30 years of age.]

Check-In Information

What is Provided/What Guests Need to Bring:

Sheets and Towels are provided for the maximum occupancy of rental Unit that you will occupy, [UNIT NAME]. (Towels are NOT provided for Swallow Falls Cabins.) Guests will be charged for missing or damaged linens. Please bring beach towels, all paper products, trash bags, detergents, & soaps. Check-In is at 4PM and Check-Out is at 12PM except during the Early Summer, Summer, and Late Summer seasons when Check-Out is at 10AM. (Mid-June through August)

IF ARRIVING AFTER OUR OFFICE CLOSES, keys and directions will be left in the lockbox located to the rear of our office inside the glass doors. The key box combination is 1-3-5. Please check in with the office the next morning to confirm that all paperwork is signed and to present your photo I.D. for validation. UPON ARRIVAL, THE CLEANING PERSONNEL MAY BE ON THE PREMISES UNTIL 6:30PM.

Amenities: Property amenities are not listed on the contract and no warranties are made as to accuracy. If any appliance, heating or cooling Unit, jetted tub, hot tub, television, or DVD player does not work, RMLV will attempt to have it repaired. The Guest shall not be entitled to any refund for an inoperative appliance or amenity. Units are not equipped with air conditioning unless stated in the online description. RMLV does not guarantee any recreational equipment provided by the Owner. Visit your property’s site at www.deepcreek.com for updates to new, removed, and/or changed amenities.

In compliance with the Maryland Real Property Law: This residential dwelling Unit may contain alternating current (AC) electric service. In the event of a power outage, an alternating current (AC) powered smoke detector will not provide an alarm. Therefore, the occupants should obtain a dual powered smoke detector or a battery powered smoke detector.

Office Location, Hours, & Directions:

Railey Mtn. Lake Vacation’s main office is located at 5 Vacation Way, McHenry, MD 21541. Our office is open every day from 9AM to 6PM Saturday – Thursday, and 9AM to 8PM on Fridays (Extended hours until 8PM Saturday & Sunday during the Summer season). Keys and directions to your property are to be picked up at our office no earlier than your scheduled arrival day and time. The contract holder must present photo identification for validation before any keys will be given out. Anyone over the age of 24 with valid photo identification and whose name is listed on the occupancy list will have access to pick up the keys to your rental, unless our office is instructed otherwise by the lease holder. Keys will not be given to anyone under 24 years of age. Please plan your key pickup accordingly.

You can visit our website, www.deepcreek.com, to find detailed directions on how to locate our office when traveling from the areas of Baltimore, Washington D.C., East Pittsburgh, and West Pittsburgh areas.

Early Check-In (ECI) & Late Check-Out (LCO) Program:

The ECI/LCO program allows you to get the most from your vacation. Avoid waiting in lines and get a jump-start on arrival day or take some extra time on departure day (refer to standard check-in/check-out times under “Check-In Information”). To take total advantage of your vacation time, you can sign up for both early arrival and late departure (separate fees for each option). This program is available on a limited basis year-round, and a fee applies. Please refer to the following chart for more information on ECI/LCO (based on availability & for participating properties only).

SeasonWhen To AddEarly Check-In TimeLate Check-Out Time
Summer (7+ Night Stays)2+ Weeks Prior to Arrival01:00PM01:00PM
Summer (Less than 7 Nights)1 to 3 Days Prior to Arrival01:00PM01:00PM
All Other Seasons (Sept. – May)1 to 3 Days Prior to Arrival12:00PM04:00PM

Conditions & Procedures

Call our reservation department to check if your reservation is eligible for the ECI/LCO program. If eligible, the fee(s) will be charged to your reservation.

Fees & Payment

Payment for these options is due with your final payment. If full payment has already been made on your reservation, payment of these option(s) is due at the time of requesting to add. The ECI/LCO charges vary based on rental property and there is a fee for both ECI & LCO. Below are the fee details and you can contact the office for more information:

1 to 3 Bedrooms4 to 6 Bedrooms7 to 9 Bedrooms10+ Bedrooms
Early Check-In Fee$50.00$75.00$100.00$200.00
Late Check-Out Fee$50.00$75.00$100.00$200.00

Cancellation & Travel Insurance Protection

Cancellation Policy

In the event your plans change and your rental must be canceled by you, regardless of reason, including bad weather, illness, death or economic factors, advance payments cannot be returned unless the property is re-rented at no loss to the Owner. All cancellations or reservation changes must be made in writing. Only the Guest can cancel a reservation. Deposit money (minus the administrative fee, cancellation fee, and travel insurance where applicable) cannot be returned unless the property is re-rented at no loss to the Owner. If we are unable to re-rent the property, the full advance payment will be forfeited. As an alternative, if you have accepted the Traveler’s Insurance and you must cancel, you may be able to make a claim through the insurance company.


Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance has been a great relief to many vacationers across the country, covering cancellation claims from illness and death, to volatile weather. In spite of the most careful planning, unforeseen events do occur, especially when you are making plans up to a year in advance. The policy we offer represents the best value in the business, combined with the broadest coverage on the market. You are under no obligation to accept this coverage, but please take a moment to review the policy’s many benefits before declining. It is a small amount to pay compared to the loss you face if something goes wrong.

  • ACCEPTING the Travel insurance: Your premium is included in your first payment amount. Travel Insurance coverage begins the day after we receive your payment. You may call our office at any time to receive a copy of the brochure as your Certificate of Insurance. Once Travel Insurance is accepted, it cannot be removed from your bill.
  • DECLINING the Travel Insurance: If you do not want to insure your investment in your travel plans, we ask that you first read the cancellation rules stated in your rental agreement. You can ask to add Travel Insurance back into your bill at any time up until the point that you make your final payment. Following the final payment, any unpaid Travel Insurance premium will be removed from the bill and marked that you’ve declined the offer.
  • CLAIMS with Travel Insurance: In the event that you must cancel, all claims must be made through the claims policy process outlined in the Travel Insurance Policy itself. RMLV is not involved in the processing or administration of the benefits of Travel Insurance.
If you purchased your travel insurance after April 1,2016 please contact :
                     Red Sky Travel Insurance

Occupancy/Usage of Home/Unit

Each rental Unit has an established “maximum occupancy”. Maximum occupancy is an effort to protect and promote the interest of the Unit Owners, Guests and visitors. Any Guest exceeding maximum occupancy inside or outside, day or night, will be subject to immediate eviction without refund. Children under the age of twelve should not be left in the Unit without an adult. Mobile Units, such as campers and tents, cannot be used on the property.

Family Groups Only: The occupancy of all rental Units is limited to Guests and their family groups only. No sororities, fraternities, or non-chaperoned groups allowed. You must be 24 years of age or older to make a reservation [30 years or older for the Units Peregrine’s Perch and Timberlodge]. Photo I.D. is required at check in. Should a group misrepresent themselves, they will be evicted immediately without refund.

Cause for Eviction and Immediate Forfeiture of Rent: Includes, but is not limited to: non-family groups, subletting or assignment of this lease, activity constituting a nuisance of which is offensive or disruptive, bringing pets onto premises without written permission [or payment of dog fee(s) with rental for dog-friendly homes], numbers in excess of the established maximum occupancy, destruction of property, and/or illegal use of property.

RentabilityIf the Unit is damaged through no fault of the Guest and is unfit for occupancy, the lease shall terminate and the Guest shall surrender possession. The rent will be prorated as of termination.  If the Unit becomes unfit for occupancy, RMLV will use its best efforts to assign a Unit of equal or higher quality; if unsuccessful, prorated rent will be refunded to the renter.  Guest hereby agrees to hold and save harmless RMLV (agent) and property Owner from any and all damages or injuries to persons or property caused by Guest’s negligence or fault.

Access to Premises: Persons authorized by RMLV shall have the right to access the premises during the rental to make repairs, inspections, occupancy/usage checks, and/or to show the property for sale/rent.

Pets: Dogs are allowed in a Unit only if advertised as a “Dog Friendly” Unit, through our website; a non-refundable pet fee must be paid for each pet. Only dogs (no more than two) are allowed. Cats and other animals are prohibited. Pets are not allowed in any other Units. If pets are found on premises without written permission, and/or the associated fees were not paid for by the Guest, renter will be subject to immediate eviction without refund. Please clean up the yard after pets and do not allow them on furniture or beds. The Damage Waiver Program does not cover damages caused by pets. *Please note that there is NO guarantee that any home is completely free of allergens.

Winter Reservations: Arrivals November – March should be prepared for winter weather conditions. Due to potential of bad weather & snowy conditions, snow tires and/or chains or a 4WD vehicle may be necessary and are strongly recommended for all rentals during the winter season. RMLV will make every attempt to clear driveways as quickly as possible, but are not responsible for any roadways or access points outside of the rental driveway. Outdoor BBQ grills are not guaranteed for any reservations from November – March due to winter conditions.

Telephone: Not all Units are guaranteed to have home phones and/or cell phone service and we recommend you check with your local service provider about the availability of cell phone service in the area. All long distance calls are to be made by calling card or collect. See “Welcome Book” (binder in each home) for dialing instructions. RMLV strongly encourages the use of prepaid calling cards for long distance calls, due to the high rate of credit card calls; $5.50 to make a call and .90 a minute. Local calls require a 301 area code + the number. Local calls DO NOT require a use of a credit card.

Noise: Please be considerate of neighbors. Do not litter and exercise caution around docks and boats. People enjoy Deep Creek Lake for its serenity; excessive noise will not be tolerated and may be cause for immediate termination of this rental agreement and the Guests occupancy of the Unit. Remember voices carry from decks and hot tubs. Please be considerate of County Ordinance mandated quiet hours from 11PM – 8AM.

Trash Removal: The garbage bins should remain by the roadside at all times with the exception of homes in developments with commUnity dumpster areas. The location of the dumpsters is in the “Welcome Book” located in each home. Bag and tie all trash. Remember to close and latch the lids of cans to prevent animals from getting in. Pick up is once a week [day of pick up dependent on rental Unit]. Trashcans moved from edge of road, or trash left outside of cans, will be charged a minimum of $35 for trash pick-up. Please contact our office at 301-387-0080 with questions on what to do with excess trash during your stay or prior to departure.

Fires & Fireworks: Outside fires and fireworks of any kind are prohibited. Do not remove ashes from fireplaces and make sure fires are out prior to leaving the Unit. Make sure the damper is open before starting fires. Please be cautious, fires can become too hot which can create flue fires and cause fireplace glass doors to explode. 2 Bundles of firewood will be provided for participating properties [call for availability] with a wood burning fireplace Sept. 15th – Apr. 15th, as a complimentary starter package. If more firewood is needed, it is the Guest’s responsibility to provide. You can call our office to ask about availability of more than the 2 bundles [additional fees apply] or purchase additional bundles from any of the local gas stations.

Grills: Do not place grills inside the Unit or move them from their present location Turkey fryers and the like are not permitted. Propane is provided for all gas grills and you can call anytime during business operating hours to request a refill. Charcoal is not provided for charcoal grills with any of our rentals.

Docks: Docks are not guaranteed for reservations between Labor Day and Memorial Day (Sept. – May). Please call the reservations department to verify dock availability. Be careful around docks, they tend to be slippery when wet. Check the website listing at www.deepcreek.com for your particular rental Unit to verify the number of dock slips permitted with your rental home. Please check with Department of Natural Resources (301-387-4111) or the Chamber of Commerce (301-387-6171) regarding boating and personal watercraft regulations including size limitations, horsepower, times of use, launching, etc. IF STAYING IN THE CARMEL COVE COMMUNITY, A PONTOON BOAT MAY NOT BE SUCCESSFULLY ACCOMMODATED AT YOUR PROPERTY. If planning to rent a Pontoon boat, please check with local marinas about availability to rent when staying at one of the properties located in this area.

Boat Launch: The Dept. of Natural Resources prohibits the launching of any powered watercraft from any private property. Please use public ramps.

Construction Noise: Deep Creek Lake is a growing resort commUnity and new construction is evident throughout the area. If you rent a home near new construction, please be tolerant of the possible additional noise and other concerns. Please realize that this situation is a matter beyond our control and no refunds or moves will be made due to these circumstances.

Parking: The maximum parking for your rental is as indicated on our website. You will also receive this information at check in and it will be listed in the “Welcome Book” at your rental home. Not all homes and/or commUnities allow boat/trailer parking at the home, please check with our office for availability. For homes which do allow boat/trailer parking, this is considered “2” vehicles towards your maximum parking limit. All vehicles over maximum occupancy and/or in roadways are at risk for towing at any time without warning and at the leaseholder’s expense.

Condominiums/Townhomes: Only 1 – 2 vehicles allowed per Unit [check website for specifics of your Unit]. No grills are allowed on the decks; they must be placed on the grass away from the rental Unit. No boat trailer parking is allowed. If there is pool/tennis in your development, you need the pass key or combination which is provided at check-in. Hours differ based on standards set by each individual development/association.

Garrett County Transient Vacation Rental Unit Ordinance (TVRU): At the end of these terms and conditions is the Garrett County ordinance on vacation rental Units in the Deep Creek Lake area. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are agreeing to abide by the Garrett County TVRU ordinance.

Before You Leave, Accidental Damage, and Refund Policy

Before you Leave

Cleaning: we ask our guests to leave their Unit in the same general condition as it was found. Our staff will inspect each property after is it vacated. We do not expect our guests to undertake any heavy cleaning tasks, but we do expect the following to be completed:

  1. Clean dishes and put away.
  2. Turn heat to 55 in winter and a/c off in summer.
  3. Empty and wipe out refrigerator.
  4. Turn off all inside & outside lights.
  5. Bag & tie all trash, place in outside trash bins at roadside or in commUnity dumpster.
  6. Units with private Hot Tubs – make sure water level is above filter & lock cover in place.
  7. Lock all doors and windows.

Linens: Upon your departure, you do NOT need to strip the beds. Please leave dirty towels in a pile in the bathroom(s). The red bin left in front of your Unit prior to your departure is for the next guests. Access to this box is for authorized personnel only. If this box is opened, you will be charged for the linen order. PLEASE DO NOT OPEN THIS BOX.

Damage Waiver Program

We understand our guests do not arrive with intentions of damaging a home. We also understand that accidents can and will happen. To truly enjoy a vacation, most people don’t want to worry about the occasional drink spill or scuff on the wall. In lieu of a security deposit, RMLV offers a non-refundable damage waiver fee that excuses you from accidental damage to the home, up to a maximum limit of $3,000.00 per reservation. This fee is in addition to the rent. Upon receipt of the damage waiver fee, the Owner will release you from liability for accidental damage to the maximum extent of $3,000.00.

The damage waiver does not cover or release the guest from liability for damage due to the following:

  1. Intentional, willful, reckless, or malicious acts of the guest or others on the property during the tenancy.
  2. Damage by pets.
  3. Theft from the property of either the Owner’s or property belonging to a previous renter.
  4. Damage caused while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  5. Damages to real property, furnishings, or any vehicle from operation of a motorized vehicle or vessel by a guest.
  6. Damages related to smoking.
  7. Damages in excess of $3,000.00.

The conditions of the damage waiver program extend to all members of the guest’s party. The damage waiver program does not cover accidental damage for non-family or large groups such as weddings, reunions, corporate retreats, etc.

SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED IN ANY RENTAL UNIT. Smoking of all products, tobacco or otherwise, are strictly banned from use inside of all rental Units. Evidence found of smoking within the Unit, or improperly disposing of smoking and/or drug related paraphernalia, will result in a $1,500.00 fine per incident. Multiple fines may apply.

Allowing dogs in the pools, having glass or other contaminants in the pools/pool rooms, and tampering with the pool alarms (the “Rule Violations”) are all strictly prohibited and will result in a separate fee for each and every rule violation. Evidence of tampering with the pool alarm will result in a $500.00 fee and evidence of all other incidences will incur a $1,500.00 fee. Multiple fees may apply. These fees represent the reasonable costs associated with the inspection and maintenance required for each Rule Violation.

All damages, accidental or otherwise, must be reported to RMLV prior to check out and it is strongly recommend reporting all damages immediately. RMLV representatives have the ultimate authority to determine the nature and extent of damages, necessary repairs, and eligibility as “accidental damage”. Any unreported damages, accidental or otherwise, will be presumed malicious and the guest will be responsible for the associated damage costs. Please understand that you are being given permission to use the real and personal property of the Unit Owners. This is not a license to alter, damage, deface or in any way inure the Unit or the personal property within the Unit. Malicious destruction of property is a crime in Maryland and RMLV and the Unit Owners specifically reserve the right to pursue any and all remedies associated with damage to property not covered by the terms of the Damage Waiver Program, if applicable. Failure to report extensive damage may result in legal action. Upon receipt of bill for damages, guest has 30 days to respond with payment and/or payment schedule. Failure to comply will result in further legal action.

Under no circumstance does this damage waiver release a guest or any member of their party from obligations imposed by the Garrett County Transient Vacation Rental Unit Ordinance (See Below) or expectations stated within the Rental Agreement, including but not limited to, the following:


  1. Keep the property as clean and safe as the condition of the property permits, and cause no unsafe or unsanitary conditions in the common areas and remainder of the property that you use.
  2. Dispose of all ashes, rubbish, garbage, charcoal, and other waste in a clean and safe manner.
  3. Keep all plumbing fixtures, on the property or used by the Tenant, in working condition and as clean as their condition permits.
  4. Do not deliberately/negligently destroy, deface, damage, or remove any part of the property, render inoperable the smoke detector, CO2 detector, security alarms, or pool alarms provided by the Owner, or knowingly permit anyone to do so.
  5. Comply with all obligations imposed upon the tenant by current applicable building and housing codes.
  6. Be responsible for damage, defacement, or removal of any property inside the home that is in your exclusive control unless the damage, defacement, or removal was due to ordinary wear and tear, acts of the Owner or Owner’s Agent, defective products supplied or repairs made by the Owner, acts of third parties not invitees of the guest, or natural forces.
  7. Notify the Agent of the need for replacement and of repairs during the tenancy which continued presence or use would jeopardize the safety of guests or harm the property including repairs to the smoke detectors or replacing the batteries as needed.


By agreeing to these terms & conditions, you agree not to use the property for any activity or purpose that violates any criminal law or governmental regulation. Your breach of any duty contained in this paragraph after commencement of tenancy shall be considered material, and shall result in the termination of your tenancy with NO REFUND OF RENT.



Agreeing to the terms and conditions of your reservation binds you, not only with Railey Mtn. Lake Vacations, but with the specific Unit you’ve reserved and that property Owner. No refunds or relocation will be made due to disappointment with the property you have rented and/or dissatisfaction with a non-working amenity associated with the home. Relocation cannot happen without approval from the Owner of the tenant’s Unit. We will make every effort to correct any problems that occur during your stay in a timely manner. However, no refunds will be given for mechanical failure of nonessential items such as air conditioners, TVs, DVDs, grills, recreational games and equipment, dishwashers, deck furniture, washers/dryers, hot tubs, or other luxury items. Please report any and all instances of items in need of attention immediately so that we may assist in repairs, where possible, quickly.

Homes with Hot Tubs and/or Swimming Pools

Guest has been informed and understands that if the rental property has a hot tub and/or swimming pool on the premises, guest agrees to assume sole responsibility for the safe and proper usage thereof, by all occupants of the property and visitors, and guest shall use the hot tub and/or swimming pool in a careful and proper manner and shall agree not to permit the hot tub and/or swimming pool to be operated or used in any illegal way. Only parties listed on the occupancy list for the reservation are authorized to use the hot tub and/or swimming pool.

Indemnity: Guest agrees to indemnify and save harmless RMLV against all loss, damage, expense and penalty arising from any action of the guest which causes injury to a person by the operation or handling of the hot tub and/or swimming pool during the rental period or while the hot tub and/or swimming pool is in the control of the guest.

Release: Guest assumes all risks and liability for the loss of or damage to the hot tub and/or swimming pool or any part of the hot tub and/or swimming pool from the death or injury to any person, property of another, and for all other risks and liabilities arising from the negligent use or operation of the hot tub and/or swimming pool. Nothing in this rental agreement shall authorize the guest or any other person to operate the hot tub and/or swimming pool so as to impose any liability or other obligation on RMLV.


Important Safety and Use Instructions

  1. Never use the hot tub and/or swimming pool alone. Do not permit children to use the hot tub and/or swimming pool unless they are closely supervised at all times. While the hot tub is being serviced, we ask that you keep children and pets away from the hot tub area.
  2. All pools are equipped with safety alarms and pools are serviced daily during your occupancy. For your safety, do not tamper or attempt to disable the safety alarms at any time. Please call the office at 301-387-2124 if you are experiencing problems with the safety alarm.
  3. Hot tub must always be left covered and locked when not in use. This is for the safety of your family & any children in the area.
  4. Please do not sit or stand on the hot tub cover as it can be damaged very easily.
  5. Read and follow any safety instruction and/or signs posted in the Unit and on/around the hot tub and/or swimming pool areas.
  6. Exercise extreme caution when entering or leaving the hot tub and/or swimming pool areas, especially during freezing temperatures.
  7. Do not stay in the hot tub for extended periods of time Set reasonable time limits. (10 minutes is recommended)
  8. Never use any soaps, oils, or fragrances of any type in the hot tub and/or swimming pool. This could cause damage to the equipment and affect the chemical and sanitized balance of the hot tub and/or swimming pool, leading to a less enjoyable environment and a possible dangerous situation.
  9. Never remove the thermometer or floating chemical dispenser from the hot tub. These must remain in constant contact with the water to provide the maximum amount of safety.
  10. Always shower before and after using the hot tub and/or swimming pool.
  11. DANGER – risk of electric shock. Do not permit any electrical appliance, such as a light, telephone, radio or television within 15 feet of the hot tub and/or swimming pool.
  12. WARNING:
    1. Persons using any medications or anyone with a medical condition including but not limited to, obesity, heart disease, low or high blood pressure, thyroid disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, or circulatory system problems should consult a physician before using the hot tub since the hot tub affects heart rate, blood pressure, and circulation.
    2. Pregnant women and women who may be pregnant, should not use the hot tub. Excessive water temperatures have a high potential for causing fetal damage during the early months of pregnancy.
    3. The use of alcohol or drugs in or around the hot tub and/or swimming pool is prohibited. The hot tub may cause lightheadedness and use of these substances may lead to unconsciousness with the possibility of drowning.
    4. Individuals using medications should consult their physician before using the hot tub since some medications may induce drowsiness, while other medications may affect heart rate, blood pressure, and circulation.
    5. Hyperthermia (heat stroke) is a dangerous condition brought about by excessive heat. The symptoms include: sweating, dizziness, nausea, lightheadedness, convulsions, increased pulse rate, shallow breathing, and possible unconsciousness. If you suspect hyperthermia, get medical help immediately. Lay the victim on their back, with the head slightly elevated for easier breathing; cover the body with a blanket and pally ice packs to the head.
  13. Before each use of the hot tub, measure the water temperature. Water in the tub should never exceed 104 degrees. Water temperatures between 100 degrees and 104 degrees are considered safe for a healthy adult. Lower water temperatures are recommended for young children.
  14. If there are any problems with the hot tub and/or swimming pool including any mechanical, electrical, or chemical, please call the property mgmt. office of RMLV at 301-387-0080 immediately. Do not enter the hot tub and/or swimming pool.

Additional Private Swimming Pool Information:

  1. A pool technician will test the water on a daily basis during your stay.
  2. The alarm and/or safety cover for the pool room is required for building codes.
  3. Dismantling the alarm and/or the pool safety cover is considered willful damage to the property and is NOT covered by the Damage Waiver Program. The minimum charge for dismantling the alarm is $500.00. Guest agrees that they are financially responsible should guest or any member of guest’s party, dismantle the alarm and/or the pool safety cover.
  4. If the pool has a safety cover, the undersigned guest is the only party member who will have possession of the pool safety cover key. Pool safety cover should remain closed at all times when pool is not in use. Pool safety cover must be completely open when the pool is in use as children could become trapped under a cover if this is partially open.
  5. The pool room doors must remain closed at all times.
  6. Guest agrees that they will be fully responsible for any circumstances that could occur should the alarm and/or safety cover be rendered ineffective.

Dog Friendly Home Responsibilities (Not applicable to STS & WOW)

Guests that choose to pay for and bring their dogs (for participating homes) agree to the following:

  1. Garrett County Leash Law: Dog(s) MUST be on a leash at all times and under verbal control when outside of dwelling.
  2. Keep all dogs off furniture and beds.
  3. Clean up after your dog(s) and dispose of waster properly.
  4. Please dry your dog before entering property (after laps in the lake or playing in the rain).
  5. Do not bathe dog in any bathtub, whirlpool tub, pool, or hot tub.
  6. Respect your neighbors. (i.e. do not allow dog to continuously bark.)
  7. The Damage Waiver Program does not cover damage by dog(s). Dog Owner is responsible for any dog damage in or on the rental property. If damage occurs, please contact the Property Management Department at 301-387-0080.
  8. Dogs should be on a veterinarian-approved flea prevention program and current on all vaccines.
  9. Please let us know if your dog is aggressive to avoid injury to property managers, inspectors, or service people who may need to access the home.
  10. Owner/Management Company will not be liable for any attack, bite, disturbance, etc. of any dog.

Guest confirms that they have paid a non-refundable fee to allow their dog(s) to stay on the property and that this fee does not cover any damage done by dog(s).

Garrett County, Maryland Transient Vacation Rental Unit Ordinance
(TVRU) Renter’s Guide

(TVRU) Renter’s Guide | Garrett County, Maryland


We would like to welcome you to Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. This area has a rich history and a beauty like no other are in Maryland. This county has a Transient Vacation Rental Unit Ordinance (TVRU Ordinance) which helps in maintaining the beauty and peacefulness for all to appreciate. Please review the following provision of the Ordinance prior to your arrival so that you may fully enjoy your vacation.

Respect Neighborhood Tranquility: Disturbing the peace is a violation of both State Law and the Local Ordinance. Please keep noise to a minimum including children playing loudly, parties, and other loud activities between the hours of 11PM and 8AM.

Park Vehicles Appropriately: The County TVRU Ordinance limits the number of vehicles that can park at the property. This number is displayed on the license posted in the rental Unit as well as on your contract. Parking more than the posted number of vehicles is considered a violation of the ordinance and vehicle(s) are subject to towing. Please use common sense when parking; do not block streets or corners and keep vehicles parked in the driveway. During snow conditions, do not block snowplows or park anywhere on the street.

Emergency Exit Plan: Upon arrival, please take a moment to make yourself familiar with the different exits of your rental. A plan is posted inside the rental home for your convenience.

Abide by Occupancy Limits: Each rental Unit is licensed to accommodate a maximum amount of people, at all times, as stated on the license and the renal contract. Exceeding the specified occupancy limit for your rental home is dangerous, disrespectful, and illegal.

Dispose of Trash Properly: Bear proof containers or dumpsters are provided at each rental home. For you safety, lease dispose of all household trash using the provided containers. Do not overstuff the containers or leave trash sitting outside of the containers as wildlife, including bears, will get into the garbage.

Hot Tub Safety: If you have a hot tub at your rental home, there will be a sign posted which explains the safety rules. In addition, the emergency shutoff switch (within 5 feet of the spa) will be clearly labeled.

Family Groups Only: The occupancy of all rental Units is limited to family groups only. No sororities, fraternities or non-chaperoned groups allowed. Should a group misrepresent themselves, they will e evicted immediately without refund.

Driving Conditions: Many homes are located on gravel and/or private mountainous roads. Please come prepared to drive on these roads. If you are vacationing during the winter months, you must come prepared to drive in the ice and/or snow. We strongly recommend tire chains or 4WD vehicles.

Complaints: Complaints may result in citing the appropriate party and/or eviction from the rental property without refund of rent and/or security deposit.


*Leaseholder must be at least 24 years of age. (At least 30 years of age for Peregrine’s Perch and/or Timberlodge Units.                                                                                   


Garrett County Office of Licensing and Enforcement

203 S. Fourth Street, Room 210

Oakland, Maryland 21550